Aquariums are among the most popular hobbies in the world. World-wide, keeping a fish tank is far more common than keeping a dog. It is far more common than playing soccer – and even more common than playing video games. Not just in the western world, but also in markets such as China or India, to protect, raise and care for life is an essential need in human beings…


The Game

Biotope is the most beautiful and most realistic aquarium simulator to date. The game combines photo realistic visuals and scientific simulation.


720p video – ingame footage

Players can setup multiple fresh water tanks from 20 up to 500 litres and raise their own population of fish and plants. The in game aquarium store offers everything needed to create and maintain a lifelike biotope. If players treat their pets as nature demands, they will be rewarded with newborn fish and flourishing plants. Own breedings can be sold to generate income, which players can invest to upkeep tanks, in new fish, hardware or accessories.

(images from prototype)


Biotope simulates fish and plant growth, water quality (pH, KH, temperature), stress levels for each fish, swarm behavior as well as mating/breeding behavior. Fish and plants both do have a full lifecycle from birth to death. Using the tanks editor, players can create the adequate environment for their lifeforms, feed them, treat sicknesses and consider fish constellations. Happy fish will reward players with new life, vivid colors and good health. The player must also keep an eye on their financials. With bigger tanks, new costs arise while income can be created selling breedings or winning competitions.



Biotope’s features a shop and a community market place offering everything necessary to setup and maintain various types of fish tanks, to feed, cure or just add fun accessoires to personalize the tanks. Players can also sell used items and their own breedings online. The Blue World shop features over 1000 items.


Aquarium Editor

The editor allows to setup and modify tanks. Players can be creative and build beautiful biotopes following their own designs, matching their taste and preferences.


Quests and Experience

Over time, players gather more and more experience and will eventually and gradually level up gaining access to new items, tanks and fish. New quests also become available. Advanced Players can become breeders, selling their fish (and plants?) to other players and that way generate (virtual?) income from the game.

Feature List

  • Breed, raise and trade virtual life forms
  • Photorealistic display
  • Lifelike simulation of water, fish and plant on a scientific basis
  • Complete virtual life cycle (birth, growth, death)
  • Trade and online shop with over 1000 assets 
  • Remote surveillance of the simulation via mobile app
  • Real time and time warp
  • Aquarium leaderboards
  • Household management and in game economics
  • Tutorial and database 




more videos  and images coming soon…


Team & Contact

MBL Development is an independent games developer, founded by individuals who have collaborated on  several projects during the past decade. Amongst the games team members have shipped are strategy games such as Spellforce2 and The Settlers as well as console games such as Hitman: Blood Money, Velvet Assassin, Spec Ops: The Line, Driver San Francisco. We also partnered with the German Navy, creating VR training simulations for real life submarines (U212) and Frigates (F125). We worked together with these partners: Eidos (Square Enix), Ubisoft, Atari, ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems, Devolver Digital, Team 17, EA Phenomic, 2K.

Website: MBL Development (www.mbldev.com)

Contact: Klaus Starke, (MBL Business Development)

Email: kstarke@mbldev.com   Mobile: +491703345933